I'm back!

Similar to how Bruce Wayne donned the cape and cowl after years of retirement, similar to how Paul Scholes laced up his boots once again 8 months into retirement, I have decided to return to the world of blogging, though I am aware times have changed.

Bruce Wayne couldn't stay
away from the darkness for long

A lot has changed since I left the blogging scene 7 months ago. The allure of blogging seems to have died down since the turn of the year, and vlogging has taken it's place. For a short period of time I considered vlogging myself but lets face it, the internet isn't ready for that.

A quick question to some of my previous blogger friends revealed that many of them have more or less stopped blogging for various reasons too. So why did I stop after 6 years? Well, after 320 posts, I kinda ran out of ideas. But I'm not the kind of person who likes keeping quiet for long. I need to get my thoughts and opinions out there (my Facebook is testament to that), which is why I'm back.

To make sure I won't run out of things to write this time, I'm taking a different approach to writing. With my old blog, the content was restricted. I tried branching out a bit, but the restrictions I had set for the content wouldn't allow it. So with this new blog, my posts will mainly be revolving around 3 things I think about the most (hence the name Triplicate Thoughts);
  • Geeky stuff like superheroes, mobile technology, games, movies etc.
  • Football stuff, like how Man Utd are the greatest team in England the world.
  • Serious stuff. Stuff that's actually important like real life events, little reminders like my old blog etc.
That's about it for now. I've already got a few ideas for posts on standby so I should get a few posts up in the next few days, and I'm still working on the design of this blog. Also, this blog will be integrated with my Google+ profile, and to comment you too will need a Google+ profile. I think you automatically have one if you have a Gmail account. I find the Google+ integration really cool and it provides some awesome functionality as well. If you don't want to try out Google+, you can always comment on the links I will post on Facebook as well.

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