Janji Melayu


Last Friday night myself and a few other residents of IIUM Kuantan were invited to attend a talk given by a speaker from IIUM Gombak via video conference. It was scheduled to start at 9pm, but we were invited to come at 8pm for dinner first. So after eating a bit we heard the azan for isya', and what happened next was kinda surprising, at least in my eyes. 

All the foreigners got up soon after and headed to the masjid, but none of the Malay's did, including myself. It was a muhasabah moment at first, but then I started wondering why that happened? What was the reason no Malay's joined the prayer at the masjid while all our international guests did?

Source: Incredible Things
Are we complacent when it comes to praying punctually? Or is it just a punctuality thing all together? We've all heard the term janji Melayu when it comes to making appointments. A meeting that's supposed to start at 2.30pm will probably start closer to 3pm for example. Does that make it a cultural thing then? Are Malay's just brought up in an environment that doesn't value punctuality? Of course not all are the same, there will be those who are very careful with punctuality, but I'm sure we've all met/been a person who is just late.

What do you think? Why does the term janji Melayu exist?

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