The negligence of public suraus

As Muslims, we're lucky to be living in Malaysia. We have a local authority to inspect and ensure food outlets adhere to halal guidelines so we can eat peacefully without any concerns. The women can freely wear a hijab without having law makers question the legality of it. And best of all, we can easily pray no matter where we are at any time of day due to the fact that we can find a masjid or surau practically anywhere across the country. While masjids are well maintained and a real joy to perform our prayers in, I just can't say the same about our public suraus.
Lets start will suraus in shopping malls. Now most malls (if not all of them) have a public surau for both males and females, but at the same time, most of them are SO SMALL. Not only that, most of them are hard to find too. In Times Square, I think the surau is on the 8th or 9th floor if I remember correctly. In Midvalley Megamall, the surau is just a small area in the connecting pathway between Megamall and the Gardens, on the way to the cheap food court, and I don't think the Gardens has a surau anyway. In Suria KLCC, the surau is somewhere off in one of the wings or somewhere, near the post office, I can't really remember I don't go there often, but I do remember it was a bit hard to find. Why can't these malls have; 1) a few suraus on several floors or in several wings instead of just one for the entire mall and; 2) larger suraus to accommodate the hundreds thousands of visitors they have on a daily basis? The malls are large enough, why do they only set aside a small area for the surau somewhere secluded?

It's unfortunate that most public
suraus look as uninviting as this.
Other than that, I'm saddened and a little frustrated at the condition some of them are in. The same can apply to suraus at petrol stations and at RnRs along our highways. Most of them are not carpeted, or have insufficient sejadah for people who want to pray. The telekungs and kain pelekats are probably never washed, the same can probably be said of the sejadahs too. We don't need a luxurious area to pray in. That's not what I'm asking for. I just wish the suraus were a little more well maintained and comfortable for us to use. Praying is a spiritual obligation that needs to be performed in a clean environment. Not in a surau that has unwashed praying attire and carpets that aren't properly cleaned.

Malaysia is home to about 17 million Muslims. It's a real blessing that we have the freedom and luxury to pray without any sort of political or social resistance. While it is great that we can see masjids everywhere and there are plenty of suraus to complement them, I just wish more would be done to improve the conditions of our public suraus. 

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