Rebranding Triplicate Thoughts

Quick update. When I first started this blog, my intention was to cover three areas - mobile technology, football, and from time to time some serious stuff like politics. But as I wrote in my blog over the past few months, I realised that I put a heavy emphasis on mobile technology. The last post that I wrote that wasn't related to mobile technology was a preview of the new Barclays Premier League season, back in August. Going through my post labels earlier, I think close to 75% of my posts are related to mobile tech. So I'm rebranding my blog with a small realignment of my focus areas.

What was previously "Geeky stuff, Football stuff and Serious stuff" will now be "Android, Mobile Tech and Cyberculture". In case you are wondering what on Earth cyberculture is, the textbook definition is "Internet culture; attitudes and behaviours in cyberspace". So anything to do with social media, memes, forums, comment sections, anything internet related basically. In fact, I've written about cyberculture before when explaining why I like Google+ more than Facebook (in two parts). So if you've been reading my posts from the past few weeks, expect more of the same, with a bit more cyberculture thrown in.
Cyberculture. Welcome to the internet. Image: Deviant Art
I might still write about football and serious stuff from time to time, but these posts will probably be few and far between. It's so much easier to write about stuff that interests you, and at the moment, mobile tech has all of my attention (outside of my Masters work of course). 

That's the update. New posts will be coming soon. Assuming the new Nexus is coming this month, I'll be writing a post dedicated to my current device, the HTC One X and how it opened my eyes to the power of Android. And as part of my foray into cyberculture, I'll be writing about online piracy as well.

Thanks for all the +1's, comments and reshares up to this point. FYI, my last post about the possibility of Apple's downfall is now the most viewed post on my blog, with over 2000 views. It's funny how Apple posts just dominate my blog (and the internet), despite Android having 80% marketshare worldwide.  Anyway, thanks for all the support! Appreciate it!

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