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Top 5: Why I abandoned Apple

Everyone knows I'm an avid fan of Android. Most of my posts on FB are promoting features found in Android, and once in a while I post criticisms of Apple and iOS. A few of my friends have asked me why do I hate Apple so much. The truth is, I don't. Some may not know this, but before I started using Android last July, I used iOS for about 3 years, so I'm quite familiar with Apple's ecosystem. I'm not a blind fan of Android who criticises everything Apple does, my criticisms come from experience.

Top 5: Annoying habits on Facebook

Following up on my previous post on why I like Google+ more than Facebook, there's another reason why I like Facebook less; the content. Unfortunately, the "editors" of my Facebook feed are my friends, which makes public criticism of their posts a taboo subject. 

Top 5: Why I like Google+ more than Facebook

Social media is HUGE in today's world. Not only is it a way to stay connected with friends and family, but it has become the main method of information and news dissemination in the digital age, more so than traditional newspapers, TV or radio. There are so many different choices for social networking, each offering different features. Facebook is undoubtedly the king of social media, with 1 billion active users monthly. Second place belongs to a network that might surprise some. It's not Twitter, Twitter is 3rd with 200 million active monthly users. Second place belongs to Google+, with 235 million active users monthly.