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Biased - The Apple Watch

"Biased" is an idea conceptualised by +Aditya Saky where instead of one author trying to be neutral while writing an article on a polarising topic (like mobile tech), we get two authors to write clearly biased articles instead. Everyone is biased after all. So why not embrace it? This first piece is on the Apple Watch, a very debatable topic (as with all Apple products). I'll be providing the negatively biased article, while +Vedant Mathur will provide the positive bias. You can read it over at Aditya's site.

Why Telegram is better than WhatsApp (part 2)

About three months ago, I wrote an article explaining why Telegram is a better messaging service compared to WhatsApp. It did quite well, and quickly shot up to be my third most popular post of all time. As a quick recap, the reasons I mentioned were faster and more frequent updates, Telegram is cloud-based which allows it to be used on multiple devices simultaneously and also allows users to store shared media in the cloud rather than on devices, usernames as a way to connect instead of phone numbers, and the ability to send files. I never planned to write another article on the issue, but Telegram just has so many benefits over WhatsApp, a single article wouldn't be sufficient. So here are five more reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp, and why you should make the switch.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge initial impressions

Alongside the HTC One M9 that was announced at MWC 2015, Samsung unveiled its newest flagship too. Well, two actually. The Galaxy S6 now comes with a more edgy companion, the Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung is looking to build on the "Edge" brand not only by releasing a second Edge product, but by releasing a product which has the curved display on both sides of the display, as opposed to a single edge on the Note Edge. It even comes with a modified feature set, different from what the Note Edge offers. Both the S6 and S6 Edge represent the largest shift in design language Samsung has ever taken with its products since the Galaxy S3 back in 2012. Not only that, but two features of the Galaxy brandwhich have long been fan favourites were removed by Samsung as well, meaning the S6 and S6 Edge are not only huge departures from Samsung's previous products in terms of appearance, but functionality as well. Read on to see what I think about Samsung's latest flagship(s).

HTC One M9 initial impressions

The internet is raging. After seeing some stunning renders based off of leaked images posted by evleaks, almost everyone was let down by HTC when they finally saw the HTC One M9 unveiled at MWC 2015. There's no getting around how similar the M9 looks like the M8, prompting many to call it the M8s as a reference to Apple's now famous "s" iPhones which use the exact same body as the previous year's model. The M9 is definitely an evolutionary upgrade over the M8. It's the third generation of the reborn One brand that started with the M7 two years ago. So is it really that bad for the M9 to look so similar to the M8? Are the hardware and software improvements enough to justify making a brand new phone using the same design? After watching several videos and reading a few reports, here are my initial impressions of the HTC One M9.