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Samsung Galaxy S5 initial impressions

Yesterday I shared my initial impressions of the Xperia Z2. Overall I was quite pleased with what the Z2 brought to the table. Yes it's a small update over the Z1, but when you release a new flagship just several months after your previous one, that's to be expected. Still, it did bring some welcomed improvements, like better display technology and front-facing stereo speakers, and it still looks stunning, so it's good enough. The S5 on the other hand, left me a little flat. Now I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of Samsung, or their devices, but I do give credit where it's due. I'm always saying how the Note line of devices are the best in their class. In fact, I think they are the only devices in their class (productivity devices). I also believe that while TouchWiz is a big bloated mess, there actually are some useful features, like multi-window and the S-Pen software of the Note line. So with the S5, while my overall impression of the device is a negative on…

Sony Xperia Z2 initial impressions

While the hype from MWC is all about the Galaxy S5, I'm still quite amazed by the flagship that was announced earlier - the Xperia Z2. I'm not a member of the press, nor am I some famous YouTuber who gets to go to all these cool events, I'm just a typical (but slightly more knowledgeable) consumer with a healthy interest in mobile technology, which I think pretty much sums up the majority of the tech community. So for us who can only watch videos and read articles on the web, it's important that the manufacturers at these trade shows make their devices so amazing, that we can still be excited about them even without holding any of their products in our own hands. So without seeing the Z2 with my own eyes, or feeling it with my own hands, what do I think about it? Here are a few good and bad points I've come up with.

5 differences between the black and white Nexus 5

One of the most common questions I see in the Nexus 5 Central community on Google+ by prospective Nexus 5 owners is, "Which should I get? Black or white?". In the end, it's always a matter of preference. I think what they really want to know on most occasions, is what the differences are between the white and black models. As some of you might remember, I bought the white model initially, which unfortunately was stolen after just a month of use. I got a replacement soon after, but this time I got the black model instead. Having used it for almost a month now, I wanna share with you the differences between the two. Of course, you can always read reviews or watch videos which are already out there, but my thoughts don't come from merely looking at the devices, they come from my experience of using them. So hopefully, you'll get a little more value from this post.

5 ways Android is easier to use than iOS

If you know a bit about me, you'll know that my first smartphone was the iPhone 4. Prior to that I was "training" using an iPod Touch I guess you can say, so I had about 3 years of experience using iOS before making the switch to Android. During that time, I was under the impression that Android was too complicated to use, while iOS "just worked". Now, after slightly less than two years on Android, I still think Android is more complex than iOS, but it's not too complex. In fact, there are some things that I feel are actually easier to do on Android than on iOS. That's what this post will be about, 5 things that are easier to do on Android than iOS.

Current state of Malaysia's smartphone market

Malaysian's are getting more and more invested in mobile technology. The days of Blackberry's and Sony Ericsson's have long gone. Nowadays when you walk out in public, it's a common sight to see people with iPhone's, Galaxy's, iPads and various Android tablets. I've even seen a few people using tablets as phones, unfortunately. Nonetheless, the mobile market is booming in Malaysia, and Google did what Google does best - use their collected data from search to paint a picture of how the market looks. ++ Insights by Google Malaysia posted some interesting statistics last month, sharing with Google+ users the pattern of search queries relating to smartphones in the last three months of 2013. From this data, we can see what the most popular smartphones in the Malaysian market currently are, and also when interest in those phones peaked. You might be surprised at some of the conclusions that can be drawn from this data.