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Moto X Style and Moto X Play initial impressions

Every Android purists favourite OEM, Motorola, yesterday announced their 2015 smartphone lineup. In a nutshell, it was a huge hit. Just 11 hours earlier OnePlus had taken the wraps of their 2015 flagship, the OnePlus Two, but after the Motorola event, it was all but forgotten. Motorola did what OnePlus wanted to do, and seriously disrupted the market by offering a pair incredible smartphones at prices that they promised will be about half the price of competing flagships. Many people were worried if Motorola would stay the same after the acquisition by Lenovo. Based on yesterday's event, we have absolutely nothing to worry about. Motorola is here to Play, and they are doing it in Style (lame I know). Here are my initial impressions on both of Motorola's 2015 Moto X's.

OnePlus Two initial impressions

After all the hype, the OnePlus Two is now official. Based on what I've seen on Google+ thus far, this is probably the most community-dividing phone since the Nexus 6. Many people are thrilled with the phone, but many others are appalled by some of the decisions OnePlus made for the "2016 flagship killer". As for myself, this is probably one of the most mixed bags we've seen so far when it comes to smartphones. Some great features are present, but at the same time some head-scratching omissions can't be ignored. With Motorola set to unveil its own flagship in less than an hour, it's important OnePlus released a phone that will be just as disruptive as the OnePlus One was last year. Here's a quick rundown of what I feel are the best aspects of the OnePlus Two, and the worst.

Making the most of tech in our lives

One thing you'll notice from following me on social media is that I like to post about technology. A lot. I have a few interests which I am quite passionate about, but I post the most about technology. Not necessarily because I'm most passionate about it compared to my other interests, but more so because of how prevalent technology is in our daily lives. I mean think about it. How much of what we do on a daily basis is done with the aid of technology? How much has our lives been made more convenient thanks to technology? I consider myself quite tech savvy, and so I try my best to share what I know with my friends and family. To me, it's such a shame if you don't use technology to its fullest, especially when it comes to smartphones. Since we carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go every single day, to not use it to its full potential is such a waste. So here are a few stories of how I use technology in my daily life which will hopefully give you some ideas of h…

Top 5: Reasons to consider getting a Chromebook

Chromebooks and Chrome OS have made quite an impact in the world of computing. These relatively low powered computers which use an operating system that can't even run traditional computer programs (the type you have to install), but relies on the internet for almost full functionality might not appeal to many people at first glance. But when you step back and look at our daily computing habits, and how many tasks are actually done online compared to locally, Chromebooks make sense. Recent reports have indicated that we spend upwards of 20 hours a week online, both for work and play. Schools are even dumping iPads for Chromebooks, so there's obviously a strong interest from the education sector as well. But humans are creatures of habit, and anything "new" or "different" is usually ignored. Chromebooks are both new (relatively) and very different compared to traditional Windows/Mac computers, so it's obvious that many people won't give them much tho…