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"Should I get the Nexus 5, or wait for the next Nexus?"

I've been on Google+ for quite a while now, and it's common to see people asking for advice before they purchase a new smartphone. When the question is asking about choosing between two or more smartphones that are already on the market, it makes the task of answering that question much easier. But when people ask about choosing between a phone currently on the market, and a phone that's coming soon, that's a bit more of a challenge. Not knowing for a fact what that unannounced smartphone will bring to the market makes comparing the devices pretty much pointless. Sure we have rumours, but nothing is confirmed until it's confirmed. Remember how the Nexus 5 was rumoured to have a 3000 mAh battery? Or how everyone was convinced that the next version of android after JB was going to be Key Lime Pie? Rumours no matter the source are just that, rumours. So what do you do when someone asks"Should I get the Nexus 5, or wait for the next Nexus?", which has started…