Samsung, why so many Galaxy's??

Galaxy Tab 3. All of them.
One of the things Apple is frequently criticised for is a lack of options in their mobile line-up. At the other end of the spectrum however, Samsung are also being criticised; for having too many options. While I admit that choices are good, having too many can be downright confusing! Samsung have done brilliantly to lift Android up as the world's most used mobile OS. Their software customisations to Android although can be a bit heavy and overwhelming, has added great value to an otherwise "plain" operating system. Even so, the amount of devices they are producing is just mind-blowing. All the phones and tablets they put on the market is just crazy! Do you know how many Galaxy-branded phones were made in 2012? 19. Of those 19, how many do you think you can name? The Galaxy SIII. NoteII. SIII Mini. Galaxy Beam maybe? How about the Galaxy Rugby Pro? Do you remember that one? What about the other 14? Who can name them all?

Samsung recently announce the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. A cousin to the Galaxy Note 8.0. Similar build, minus the stylus. Seems like a reasonable thing to do. Not everyone wants a tablet with a stylus. The problem is, Samsung also announced the Galaxy Tab 3, a 7" version just over a month ago. Why do we have 2 Galaxy Tab 3's which are 1" apart in screen size? Ask Samsung. Their tablet line-up is well-equipped, with the Note 8.0 and Note 10.1 offering software bonuses thanks to the stylus, and the Tab 3, Tab 3 8.0 and Tab 3 10.1 offering stylus-less options. A little too well-equipped? Maybe. Wait till you see the smartphone line-up. 

How many Galaxy's are in our universe? Image: Wikipedia

In 2012 alone, Samsung released 19 Galaxy-branded smartphones. The two flagships of course were the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy NoteII. These phones alone made Samsung the king of Android in 2012. The rest? Mid-ranged budget phones with little to no differences between them. It's good that Samsung are trying to give everyone the opportunity to use smartphones. Not everyone can afford a flagship. But, why so many????? Galaxy SIII, Galaxy NoteII, Galaxy SIII Mini. That should be enough to serve the average consumer. Add the Galaxy Beam just for kicks. 

Samsung, you have done the Android community a huge favour by knocking Apple of their perch. But please, don't drown us in all your Galaxies. Instead of wasting resources on 10 useless mid-range phones that nobody is going to buy, why not spend a little more effort on TouchWiz? Specifically how to make it not lag and not take up half the storage space of your phones?

When it comes to screen size, Samsung has you covered. Image: Which?

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