$h!t Android users say

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I've only been using Android for just over a year now. During the first few months I was mostly on my own, until a few months ago when I started being active on Google+ and in Android communities, joining discussions (and often debates) with other Android users, helping out with answering questions, asking a few of my own and so on. During my time in these communities, I've noticed some patterns in what we as a community of Android users tend to say over and over again. Stuff that gets repeated so many times it's almost like we should have permanent posts in each community so users won't post the same stuff again, like sticky threads in forums. I like to think that Android users are of a higher level than users of other platforms, but with hundreds of millions of Android users in the world, there are bound to be some goofballs. Here's some $h!t that Android users say.

Where the hell is my update?! Bloody staged rollouts!
You'll see this everytime a Google app or Android receives an update. The most recent occurrences were the 4.3 Android update and just today, the update to the Google+ Android app. The way Android users beg, plead and pray to receive updates immediately is just embarrassing. It's as if they'll die if they don't get the update at that exact moment. I honestly don't understand why some users are so impatient. Unless the update patches up a serious flaw in the previous version, just wait patiently like everyone else. If the update is that important that you'll die without it, just sideload the apk. 
Staged rollouts rage.
I got my update!!! Why is.......
After the initial staged rollout rage, users who have received the updates will post screenshots showing they have received the latest update. This is more noticeable during an Android update rather than an app update. But more often than not, after the staged rollout rage, comes the "why is this like this" rage, where users now complain about something they don't like in the latest update. That's right. After complaining about not receiving the update as soon as they'd like, Android users now complain about something they don't like in the update. In some extreme cases, users may actually revert back to an older version, one they couldn't wait to update in the first place. Makes sense don't it?

Should I buy this phone, or this phone?
It's normal for a potential buyer to take to the internet and look for guidance in making a purchase. Before I bought my One X, I watched and read reviews online until I was certain it was the phone I wanted. One thing I didn't do however, was ask other people what phone I should buy. I was going to buy a phone that I was going to use, so I didn't want to know what other people thought I should buy, I was going to buy what I wanted. But there are others who may not know much about different phones, and who may need to ask for opinions from other people. That's fine. Some people value discussion instead of one guy's opinion in a review. But don't ask "Should I get the HTC One or the Galaxy S4?" and leave it at that. A question like that will only start a flame war between HTC and Samsung fans. If you want help in choosing a device, make sure you make your intended use clear. Do you want to use it mainly for photography? Do you want to be taking notes regularly? Play games? Watch movies? Without a proper explanation as to what you want from your device, nobody can help you decide what to buy. That's why when my friends ask me to recommend a smartphone/tablet for them, the first question I ask them is "What do you want to use it for?".
Recommendations must be based on user interest.
Just get a Nexus!
As an extension to the previous point, here is something you'll see countless times in the comments of a post asking for recommendations. Most people will ask for help in deciding between two or three specific products. Some examples I've seen personally are between an SIII and an S4, between the One and the S4, between the Note 8.0 and Tab 3 8.0 and the SIII and SIII Mini. Now these people have obviously narrowed down their choices, either based on budget or intended usage. But you'll always see some guy in the comments saying "Just get a Nexus!!". Like I said earlier, recommendations must be according to a person's intended use, you can't blindly tell someone to buy something. In this case, recommending a device that wasn't even in their shortlist is just pointless. Nexus devices are for enthusiasts, for general consumers there are other choices out there, many better than a Nexus. Personally, I've only ever recommended a Nexus to one friend, who was frustrated that her One X got the update to Jelly Bean late. Since she valued prompt updates, I recommended a Nexus. But for everyone else, I have never recommended a Nexus.

Root it!
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Here's another favourite among the Android community. Whenever someone posts that they have a problem, or they ask if they can change something on their phone/tablet, some of the most common replies will be "Root it!". Here's something you might find surprising; rooting is not easy. I mean sure, if you already know how to do it, it's easy. But for average consumers, who know almost nothing about software, rooting or hacking, do you think they will want to root? By immediately telling people to root a device, you are indirectly implying that the only way to enjoy using Android is by rooting, which isn't the case. In my mind, rooting shouldn't be the default option for fixing problems or getting the most out of Android, it should be the last resort. Remember, out of the almost 1 billion Android devices out there, only a minuscule amount of those belong to people who know how to root their device. 

Those are just a few examples of stuff Android users say that I find amusing. This is not meant to be a serious rant or anything of that nature, just a light-hearted stab at my fellow Android users. Of course, this is a gross generalisation of Android users, so don't take it personally. Do you have any other additions to this post? Leave a comment below if you do!

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