My memories of Nokia

If you take note of the happenings in the world of technology, you must know of Microsoft's purchase of Nokia. Ok they didn't actually buy the entire company, just the company's Devices and Services Unit, which is basically the only part of the company people care about - the phone part. A lot has been said about the deal. Primarily how Stephen Elop was a trojan horse planted into Nokia by Microsoft, and how this puts an end to any hopes of an Android powered Lumia device, but here I want to take a different route. Instead of speculating about why or how the deal happened, or what the future holds, I want to look back to the past at all the great Nokia handphones of yesteryear. If you are anywhere near my age group, mid-20s to lets say, mid-30s, chances are your first handphone was a Nokia. I remember getting my first phone when I was 15 I think, a Nokia 8210. Only to lose it a few weeks later at school. My next phone? Also a Nokia, the Nokia 6510. Nokia phones represented true innovation back in the day. Crazy form factors, unique button layouts, sliders and flippers in all directions, interchangeable bodies, the amount of variety from this one company was just incredible. I remember Nokia phones being so cool. The iPhones and Galaxy's of the past. Lets take a trip down memory lane and look at some Nokia phones which I personally considered to be very cool back in the day.

Nokia 7370
Rotating screen. Cool drawings on the front face. A very classy and stylish phone.
Nokia 5210
I remember seeing my friends use this phone. It was a tank!
Bulky, solid, everything-proof, indestructible.
Twisty screen. A camera-hinge unlike anything I've ever
seen at the time. A really unique form factor.
Quite possibly, the phone that showed the world that
you can have a decent gaming experience on a handphone.

Look at the keypad!! So purdy!!
What the..?? Yes, this is was a phone. How do you use it? Watch this
Rubbery buttons. A cool tactile experience.

Keypad on the outside. QWERTY keyboard on the inside. A businessman phone.
From the leaf-shaped design, to the curvy keypad, this phone was unique!
A cool transformer of a phone - keypad at first,
flip it open to get a split QWERTY keyboard.

It's sad really when you look at how Nokia have fallen. Even Skype was a costlier purchase. I know many Android fans have wished for an Android Lumia for years. Nokia make great phones. They always have. It's a shame that they got in bed with Microsoft at the beginning of the smartphone revolution. Who knows, if they had gotten started with Android, they may actually be where Samsung are today. In any case, Nokia phones will always be remembered by the tech community no matter how smart our smartphones become.

What are some of your favourite Nokia phones from the past? And yes, I expect a lot of 3310 comments and jokes to be posted. Have at it!

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