Top 5: Amazing smartphone feats

 Image: Droid-Life
Our smartphones are really amazing pieces of technology. We take them for granted. We really do. We always find things to complain about, that we forget just how much they are already capable of. Lost in a city and need some directions but too shy to ask a stranger? Use Maps and find your way. Need to convert units in a recipe you are trying out? Use an app on your phone or just Google it. Need to take a quick note but don't have pen and paper? Take a note on your phone. Yup, we take our phones for granted. But sometimes, these pocket-sized devices truly do remarkable things. Like, newsworthy things. Things that don't always happen. And that's what this post is about. These are some of the most incredible things to have happened that involve modern smartphones. 

5. Nokia Lumia 1020 used to shoot an entire music video
The Lumia 1020 is one of the most innovative smartphones in the industry, thanks largely to it's amazing 41-megapixel camera and extremely powerful camera software which controls it. But a true testament to just how powerful this smartphone camera is, is the fact that is was used to film Ellie Goulding's music video How Long Will I Love You. The entire music video was shot with the Lumia 1020. A professional music video. Let that sink in for a moment. A smartphone camera, that is deemed good enough by professionals to film a music video for one of the hottest names in music today. That is how far mobile photography has come.

PS: The Lumia 1020 was also featured in Katy Perry's Roar music video. Nokia sure got some great publicity from the music industry for the 1020.

4. HTC One used to make a Skype call from Mount Everest
Mount Everest as we all know, is the highest peak of our planet. How high exactly? Google it! Even so, the peak of the mountain apparently has great reception. Daniel Hughes in an effort to promote the Comic Relief charity, made his was to the top of the mountain, making Skype calls along the way. He reached the peak May 19th 2013, and made the world's highest ever Skype call from a HTC One to BBC News. Good news for would-be hikers planning on scaling Mount Everest. If you are ever in trouble, just call for help!

3. Nokia Lumia 800 goes swimming with the fishes, and survives
Smartphones and water don't mix. Unless of course, the phone in question is the Sony Xperia Z1. When most phones go for a swim, they rarely come out working like they used to. But one rare case was reported just over a week ago, and it comes from Sweden. One man's Nokia Lumia 800 was lost to a lake, only to be found again more than three months later..and it still works! The Lumia 800 is not a water-proof phone, and to survive three months under water (allegedly) is just incredible. Even Sony state their phone is resistant to water damage for 30mins at a depth of 1.5 meters, so this is truly a great story, if it's true. But lets give this lad the benefit of the doubt. After all, it is a Nokia device. And we all know how tough a Nokia device can be

2. HTC EVO 3D stops a bullet
A lot is made of a smartphone's build quality. We want a phone that isn't too bulky or heavy, but at the same time can withstand a few drops from time to time. HTC phones have traditionally been known to be some of the most well built Android phones. Kinda like the Nokia of Android with respect to build quality. One man has his HTC EVO 3D to thank for saving his life, after his phone which was in his shirt pocket stopped a bullet that was fired at him in an attempted robbery. This isn't the first time a phone was able to stop a bullet, but it's still an amazing story nonetheless.

Image: Android Central
1. Nexus S goes to space
Yes, you read that correctly. The Nexus S, the second generation Nexus smartphone from Google has been to space. Twice. Watch these videos. 

So, do you have any amazing stories about smartphones to share?

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