What I'm looking forward to most about upgrading from my One X to the Nexus 5

Upgrade time!!
The Nexus 5 is coming. Soon. Like real soon. We may not know much about KitKat yet, but everything about the Nexus 5 as a phone is pretty much confirmed, including dimensions, design and internal components (specs). Leaks have been plentiful, and I'm willing to bet that most of them were pretty accurate, which is why I'm confident enough to write this post. As everything about the new Nexus is already out there, I've been comparing it to my current phone, the HTC One X. As I've said in the past, I want the Nexus 5 and will get it when it becomes available to me in my country. So how does it stack up to my current daily driver? Well it's better, that's to be expected. There are several things about the upgrade that I am particularly looking forward to, which is what I want to share with you today.

The exclusivity of the Nexus brand
This may make me sound like a bit of a snob, but I like that the Nexus brand has a bit of an exclusivity to it. When dealing with other tech enthusiasts sure, they all know what a Nexus is. But when you're walking out in public, when everyone either has a Galaxy or an iPhone, and you suddenly whip out your Nexus, and people are looking at you like, "What is that??", that's cool. The same effect can probably be seen with other phones like the One, Z1 or G2 which are no where near as common as Galaxy devices or iPhones in the wild, but the Nexus brand is even rarer, at least in Malaysia. My One X is already kinda "rare" here. I've only ever seen it once in the wild, and I only have one friend who has one too. Owning a Nexus would be like a step up in a way. Does that make me a stuck up Android elitist wannabe? Perhaps.
Yes, I'm gonna be a Nexusnob.
Bigger screen, bigger battery, same size
Looking at the dimensions of the Nexus 5, which are pretty much a confirmed thing by now, and looking at the dimensions of my current phone, I am beyond glad that the two are roughly the same size. The Nexus 5 is only 3.4mm taller, 0.73mm narrower, 0.31mm thinner, and exactly the same weight (130g) as my One X. I am already comfortable with my phone which I've been using for 15 months now, so the Nexus 5 won't need any getting used to as it's physically almost identical to my current phone. And it still comes with a larger display and a larger battery. So much win!

Bigger battery
The battery life on my One X is poor. I love the phone, but the battery life is a huge drawback. Running SlimBean and NCX kernel, I usually get 10 hours battery life with 1.5-2 hours screen-on time. I don't watch videos on my phone or listen to music, I don't play games, I only use the browser and Google+ sparingly, and that's all I get. The bigger battery in the Nexus 5 will be a huge upgrade for me. Now I know many people will actually say the battery in the Nexus 5 is a downside, being only 2300 mAh, instead of the 3000 mAh battery in the G2 but hey, it's still an improvement over my 1800 mAh One X! As long as it lasts the whole day, I'm happy. Besides, we should be concerned with battery life, not battery capacity. 
Image: Google+
Easier flashing
Both my One X and Nexus 7 (2012) are unlocked, rooted and running custom ROMs and kernels. Let me tell you, it's so much easier dealing with the Nexus than the One X. Just yesterday, I downloaded the latest build of SlimBean for my Nexus 7, along with the latest Gapps directly on my tablet, and just flashed them then and there. No need to use ADB on my laptop. My One X needs to have the boot.img flashed from ADB every time I want to change or update to a new ROM/kernel, which sure is easy to do, but it's still more work than using a Nexus. 

Guaranteed dev support
In addition to the easier flashing of ROMs and kernels, dev support is not an issue for Nexus devices. Every AOSP ROM works on Nexus devices, and you are guaranteed support for as long as Google are supporting the devices. SlimBean stopped supporting my One X at 4.2.2. 4.3 never made it to my phone. Sure I could've probably used another ROM, but I like SlimBean. And with a Nexus device, I won't need to worry about my device losing dev support. 
ROMs dying on a Nexus device isn't something I'll need to worry about.
So those are the things I'm most excited about. If you are getting the Nexus 5, I'm sure you've made comparisons between it and your current daily driver too. What are you most excited about when it comes to your upgrade?


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